The Old SimCity 5

February 5th, 2015

So this is the Older version of SimCity which was released sometime in 2013. As you can see, it has so much in it and that is why it requires huge amount of game resources for it to run properly and smoothly. Compared to the new version Simcity Buildit, why only requires minimal resources from your mobile phone. Although admittedly, our mobile phones this days already have improved and better processing speed but this, it is one of the breakthroughs that the developers have finally accomplished.

I don’t know if you are still playing SimCity 5 but the video above shares some pretty awesome trick that can be very useful for both newbie and advance gamers. Have a look!

Drox Operative

February 2nd, 2015

Earlier development of Drox Operative. Stephen HornBack was one of the graphic designer of this game and continues to be a top graphic designer of video games to this date.

SimCity BuildIt Game Tips, Tricks and Review

February 2nd, 2015

EA released this new game and has all SimCity Fans really excited.  You see, we all used to play Simcity from our PC computer because of the very huge system requirements it needs in order to run smoothly.  That is why when EA announced the release of a mobile version, I was pretty much excited to try it out.  Although I had a few concerns about how it would look and would the graphics meet my expectation but to my surprise, the game was pretty good and had graphics also comparable to its older versions.  Although everything has been shrink down to size to fit the display of our mobile phone, still it has very good details.

While the zoom in is already limited, I don’t think that is the concern.  It is the gameplay that I love about the game and being a simulation game taking the role of a Mayor to manage and govern a striving City, the challenges of real life governance is very much present. You have to take charge of every need of your Sims from Electricity, water supply, garbage and sewage, their enjoyment, fire protection, law and order through police presence, life’s entertainment like gambling and so much more. This game requires that you micro manage your Sims so the city’s population will grow and you meet each and every need.

simcity build it cheat

If it is your first time to play the mobile version, and you have already experienced playing it before in the PC, you would most likely be tempted to create residential lots so new Sims would quickly flock in.  It is pretty much easy to manage at the start because your only concern is water supply and electricity and upgrading the houses only requires you produce a very small amount of steel and wood.  So your population will quickly rise and comes the need for other stuff like sewage. But at this point, you probably have already exhausted all your simoleon cash and have zero money to spend for sewage. This is when gamers start complaining about the very long time to creating and producing the building materials because the easiest way to get money is when you upgrade a residential lot to a bigger house. You see, part of management is saving and this is an important aspect of managing a City.  That is why many have already opted to search for a simcity build it cheat tool to get away with the need for more simcash or simoleons.  But if you just create a few residential lots and upgrade them, you will end up with more population, more saving and build more important structure to quickly increase your population.  And with higher value lots, your sims will pay you more cash and thus have more money in you City’s treasury.

And that is why I don’t see the point why other gamers keep on complaining in the download section of google play and app store about the too expensive in game purchases.  I think because they failed to manage their game and are losing sims fast.  The only way to save it is to purchase simcash and build the needed structure.


Tips and Tricks for SimCity Buildit

February 2nd, 2015

The simplest trick when you first start the game is not to overwhelm your place with too much residential lots. It is better to just start with 4 Residencial locations and upgrade each place so you won’t have trouble when your population grows and other new needs will suddenly give rise like the need for wider roads or new sewage disposals or for better fire protection and law and order through police.

You see, it is this special buildings that will grow your population fast without having to place so many lots for your Sims. Even a simple park can increase your City’s population. Now watch the video and see more advance tricks as your progress in the game.